Civilization War has specific device and network connection requirements. Thus, the application may crash on devices with lower specs (RAM below 2 GB) and in cases of server/network connection instability.

If your game repeatedly crashes and is not loading properly, you can try solving the issue following the below steps:

Close all unused applications to free up device memory

Reboot your device

Make sure you are connected to a stable network

Delete any unused applications to free up even more memory in your device

In case these steps do not help and the issue keeps repeating, please collect the below details and send an inquiry to the Customer Support via this link.

1. Your game server and nickname*

2. Approximate time of this error (plus your time zone)

3. Your device model and its OS version number

4. Do you use Wi-fi or data internet connection?

5. Which country are you playing from?

*Server (continent) number can be found in Settings - Sync Account - top left corner of the screen. Nicknames are case sensitive.

Civilization War