Generally, in case you have questions concerning Civilization War, you can find an answer in the FAQ section or ask your fellow Lords in the continent chat.

All issues are divided into the following categories:

A: General questions

B: Payment

C: Error (Bug/Fault)

D: Comments or suggestions

E: Report user (profanity, hacking, illegal activity)

F: Account (ID/Password)

G: Other

Here are the common ways to solve some of the above issues:

A: General questions

Please find your inquiry from the FAQ by entering the relevant keyword in the search bar. If you couldn't find your inquiry and answer in the FAQ, then ask another Alliance member or your fellow Lords in the Continent Chat.

B: Payment

Check if you have a receipt in your email inbox. Double-check the Package name and its contents. See if these items are in your Bag inventory (NOT in-game mail!).

If they are not, wait for 24 hours, as sometimes items are being delivered with a delay due to a network and/or server connection instability.

If you still don't have the items, send your server, nickname, purchased package name and the purchase receipt to the Customer Center.

E: Report user

If a player used profanity or aggressive communication, you can click on the player's Profile Image from the Continent Chat window and then add the user to your Ignore List. This way, you will not see any more messages from this player.

However, if you failed to find a reply in FAQ and the official communities, or your inquiry is specific, you can contact Customer Support Center via this link.

In your inquiry, you must consider and submit the following details:


Your server number and nickname*

*Server (continent) number is displayed in Settings → Sync Account → top left corner of the screen.

Nicknames are case-sensitive


Description of the issue you see


Screenshots or screen videos of the issue*

*In case you fail to attach a file via the ticket submission form, you can also send your issue report to


GPA number of the purchase (for Android users), or a screenshot of the email receipt (for iOS users)

Please note the following:

We will reply as early as possible in the order inquiries were received.

Our Customer Service Center is not handled by a robot but by an actual person. Please refrain from using profanity. Customer Service Center employees are not engineers so they may not be able to respond to technical or development related inquiries.

If you feel that you have good suggestions for the game, please let us know via Customer Center. We will forward your valuable suggestion to the development team.

Civilization War