When starting a new game in Civilization War, an account is normally automatically created on the newest server there exists. We call these servers Continents.

However, if you wish to move your Castle to another Continent for some reasons, you can do so on certain conditions.

First, level of your Castle must be below level 5 and it can only be done within 5 days since the date of account creation.

Then, to move the Castle, you need a Continent Relocation Ticket. One such Ticket is given to each new account at the beginning of the game.

In case all of these conditions are true, you can follow the below procedure to relocate your Castle:

Tap Field → Map → Globe Icon → select the Continent Server you wish to move to → select any spot at the new Continent → press appearing Change Continent button

Note that you will be relocated to a random position at the chosen Continent. To move to another coordinates within the new server, you must additionally use one of the Castle Relocation Tickets (Random, Premium or Alliance).

Before moving to another continent you must quit any Alliance you are a part of and make sure you do not have any troops marching out in the Field.

Civilization War