Gold coins is a special game currency that can be used for faster growth and development.

Gold coins can be purchased in the in-game store for cash, but can also be obtained for free.

There are many ways for you to get free Gold in the game, like the following:

1. Complete Achievements

To see what Achievements can get you Gold, tap the player's Profile image and then tap the Achievement icon.

2. Join an Alliance for the first time

When you join an alliance for the first time, you will get Gold and 2 Alliance Teleport tickets.

3. Deposit Gold in the Bank

Deposit Gold in the Bank and get interest on your deposit. Tap on the building behind the Archer Tower and then tap on the number of days you wish to deposit Gold for.

4. Participate in game events

You can check out current events from the Event Center and get Gold when you complete them.

5. Get Gold from System mail

Be sure to check all your System mails. System mail is the mail sent by the Civilization War Team and contains useful information and often Gold coins.

6. Community Events

You can get great rewards by participating in various events held in Civilization War official communities.

To check currently ongoing events, go to one of the Communities via Profile Image → Settings → Community.

7. Reward Chests

Alliance Gift Chest and Lord Gift Chest can be received from the Gift Chest tab. The gifts will be available after UTC 00:00:00 on the day joining the alliance.

8. Reward Videos

It is possible to get minor amounts of Gold coins for watching reward videos, that can be accessed via the icon at the right side of the screen.

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