There are 4 types of resources in Civilization War: Food, Lumber, Stone and Iron.

All are used for various game aspects development, including but not limited to: building construction and upgrade, troops training, healing, etc.

Food and Lumber are available early in the game, while Stone and Iron are unlocked on further stages.

Resources can be gathered from the Resource Tiles in the city or in the Field.

To collect resources in the city, you must first construct resource tiles, such as Farm, Lumber Yard, Quarry and Iron Mine. Then just tap the icon that appears above such tile when the resources are ready for collection.

To collect resources from the field, select a resource tile in the Field and tap Gather.

Then select the army you wish to send out. When doing so, the recommended army size and troop types will be selected automatically for maximum efficiency.

At the same screen you will see the period of time gathering will take. Note that time and amount of resources gathered varies depending on the type of troops selected.

When your army has gathered resources up to its maximum capacity, it will automatically return to the Castle. After each such gathering a Gather Report is sent to your mailbox.

Apart from the troop type and army size, maximum capacity may be increased based on completed researches, activated skills, Greatmen at official positions, and any used Gather boost items.

Note that any Gather boost items (such as Increase Gathering Speed, etc) only come into effect for the actions started after using such item.

The higher the level of the Field Resource tile, the more resources it contains. Tiles of higher level can be found closer to the center of the Continent.

Civilization War